Rohan Crown receives Prestigious Friends of 51 Award


At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, Rohan Crown was presented with the “Prestigious Friends of 51 Award” from the Lethbridge School District #51 Trustees.
Prestigious Friends of 51 Award - Rohan Crown
In their nomination for this award, the Westminster Elementary School also had this to say about Rohan:
Rohan Crown has proven to be an outstanding community leader in our school and in the greater community. He is a parent in our school, and the Pastor of the Amazing Grace Church. Rohan lives and works in our community as a way of serving and building healthier lives for all.
Rohan has been highly involved in our school council over the past 4 years, providing leadership as the school chair in 2011-12, volunteering in classrooms, and coaching our intramural basketball teams over the past 4 years. He dedicates his time through his ministry, which is run out of the school on Sundays, and has created a safe and welcoming place for children and families.  His congregation has grown significantly over the years and we see bonds forming with our students as a result of his work in our community.
Each year Amazing Grace Church hosts a free summer camp and a Fall Festival that brings families in droves.  In addition, Rohan runs a weekly off-site Christian program for students that is oversubscribed with more than 30 of our students attending. Within the program, they also offer a monthly family supper and yearly celebrations that are well attended by many of our families. Annually, the members of the church donate funds to the school or to school initiatives.
In September 2012, Rohan brought the community and the school together to build a new playground. He was instrumental in creating the Friends of Westminster School Society and has acted as president of the society since its inception.  He gathered support from the Westminster business community and the larger community to make the dream of building a new playground a reality.  Last week when the foundation was poured, he was at the school at 7:00am taking pictures. He has helped raise more than $300,000 for the playground.
More importantly, he has raised hope in our school and community!
He sees that children and families have a voice and a great place to play. He supports our students with programs both in the school and outside the school and he helps families learn about the importance of working together toward common goals.
It is with this that we are proud to nominate Rohan Crown as a Friend of 51!
2013-2014 School Year
Rohan serves as the director of  the Amazing Kids program, and is pastor at Amazing Grace Community Church.